Worker’s Compensation / Occupational Diseases Defense

Craig & Craig, LLC has been active for many decades in workers compensation and occupational diseases litigation, representing a substantial number of local employers and regional employers, especially in occupational diseases claims. The firm also represents injured employees where not precluded by conflicts. The firm’s lawyers appear regularly at a number of arbitration dockets in central Illinois and southern Illinois, and carry cases through review proceedings before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission and into the Circuit, Appellate Court and Supreme Court as necessary. Craig & Craig, LLC is a significant presence in central and southern Illinois in matters before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. The firm’s attorneys are very familiar with the local Arbitrators and the Commission panels who hear matters pending on review, as well as the lawyers who represent employees and those who represent other employers in the area dockets. The firm’s attorneys are also very well acquainted with the medical providers throughout central and southern Illinois, and those medical providers in the metropolitan areas of Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis, who may be of interest for referrals for the highest quality specialty care available as well as to provide second opinion or independent medical evaluation services.

John L. Barger, Member in the Mattoon office, actively handle workers’ compensation cases in central Illinois. Kenneth F. Werts and Julie A. Webb of the Mt. Vernon office actively handle workers compensation defense in southern Illinois, including both state and federal black lung claims.