Municipal Liability Defense

Craig & Craig, LLC has a long history of defending municipalities in all types of civil litigation ranging from negligence causes of action, premises liability cases and professional liability claims in Illinois.

Gregory C. Ray has actively represented Townships throughout Central and Southern Illinois in a wide variety of cases, ranging from personal injury tort claims involving motor vehicle accidents to disputes over whether a Township road that has fallen into disuse has been legally abandoned or remains a part of the Township road system, including successfully contending that a road retained its status as a Township road despite having fallen out of use for a period in excess of 50 years. Hart v. Shafter Township, 348 Ill. App. 3d 713 (5th Dist., 2004).

John F. Watson has been actively engaged in representing municipalities from both professional liability claims, such as Section 1983 Civil Rights Claims and Title IX claims involving gender discrimination. In addition, Mr. Watson has represented numerous numbers of local municipalities with regard to negligence and premises liability claims in which injured parties seek compensation from the local municipality or governmental body of injuries that may occur from property claims, or from injuries within a school during normal class hours. Mr. Watson has successfully defended school districts and municipalities at the early stages in litigation obtaining either dismissals or summary judgments in favor of his clients based upon the various immunities provided to municipalities under Illinois law.

Paul R. Lynch, Member in the Mt. Vernon office, has represented units of local government in numerous cases claiming personal injuries and discrimination.

Paul R. Lynch regularly defends lawyers and realtors, as well as insurance agents and brokers, in lawsuits claiming professional liability under the common law of Illinois and various statutory provisions.